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Family Law

All matters of family law taken care of for you

Going through a divorce or separation can be stressful for all members of the family, so knowing you have a specialist solicitor on hand to help is essential. Mason & Co Solicitors have a team of dedicated divorce solicitors who can help you with all matters of family law, ensuring that you know everything that is happening with your case and hopefully coming to the best agreement for all parties.

Our family mediation service is a sensitive and caring service for all couples who are finding decisions hard to come by; during the appointment with someone at Mason & Co Solicitors they will help you both to communicate better allowing the best decisions to be made. We find this really helps couples through their divorces and separations. The initial consultation at Mason & Co Solicitors is free, so call them today to book your first appointment with the family law specialists.


If you are having trouble coming to an agreement with a partner about children or property our family mediation service can really help. Our family mediation service is headed by Joanne Feldman who offers a sensitive and helpful mediation service that ensures a decision can be reached that suits both parties. Most helpful during divorce or the breakup of a relationship, our family mediation service allows you to talk with the other party in a safe and secure place, and with the help of our solicitors disputes can be resolved and any legal papers can be drawn up.

Separation and divorce

Ensuring that a separation or divorce runs smoothly is our specialty, and as divorce solicitors we are fully trained to provide you with comprehensive advice and mediation needed to get through a stressful and emotional time. If you are looking to start separation or divorce proceedings but unsure where to go next then do not hesitate to contact Mason & Co Solicitors; our initial consultation is free. You will be completely guided through your divorce by our divorce solicitors who specialise in family law and are available to answer any of your questions.

Children disputes

It is important to consider your children during a separation or divorce. Where children will live, maintenance payments, parental rights and child care all need to be considered by both parties. The specialist divorce solicitors at Mason & Co Solicitors can draw up any legal papers that need to be signed ensuring that you know exactly what you are signing. Our family mediation service can help improve communication between both parties helping you to make decisions about all the essentials and ensuring that decisions have both parties in mind.

Cohabitation and civil partnerships

It is becoming more popular for couples to hold off getting married and just live together instead. If you are currently living with a partner but you aren't married it is important for you to consider a cohabitation agreement. This agreement will give you protection should your relationship dissolve, and the solicitors at Mason & Co Solicitors can draw up this agreement with you. Civil partnerships allow same sex couples to have similar rights to married couples. We can talk you through the available options for you and whether a civil partnership would be suitable for you and your partner.

Prenuptial agreements

Before entering into your marriage or civil partnership a prenuptial agreement can be drawn up by Mason & Co Solicitors. Taking into consideration the needs of each party as each prenuptial agreement will differ from couple to couple, the agreement will encompass many things including property and finances, and who should get what should the marriage or civil partnership break down. It is important to note that although a prenuptial agreement is not a legally binding document it can be taken into consideration should either of you be taken to court during divorce.

Domestic violence and injunctions

Always a very sensitive subject, the solicitors at Mason & Co Solicitors are trained to help you carefully with all matters of domestic abuse. We can help you quickly and efficiently should you be affected by any domestic abuse or violence, and our family mediation service may help if you require a go between. We also aim to resolve the situation for you, and an injunction may be suitable. Our family law solicitors will guide you through the court process of acquiring an injunction, fully explaining an injunction before anything begins. You do not have to suffer alone should you be affected by domestic abuse.


Surrogacy is very much unknown territory to many yet is becoming increasingly popular within the UK. Surrogacy can be confusing. The family law solicitors at Mason & Co Solicitors can guide you through surrogacy and advise you on everything that needs to take place legally. As there are strict laws in the UK governing surrogacy agreements we will always ensure your agreement complies with legislature and you know exactly what the agreement states. A surrogacy agreement will secure your parental rights and is available for same sex and heterosexual couples alike.

Out of court settlements

Settling a matter out of court is helpful for both parties and ensures you are not experiencing lengthy or expensive court proceedings. Our experienced family law solicitors can help high conflict couples reach amicable agreements out of the court room. We have a strong family mediation service which ensures a calm and sensitive area for you to come to discuss hard to reach agreements. Our family law solicitors can also provide knowledgeable advice on the best solutions and are trained to provide all types of family law services. Call the office today for more information about our family mediation service.

Family Matters

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